Development of a unified user-friendly framework for disseminating health services research

Less than a third of emerging health service research evidence is translated to policy or practice. While there are over 100 models, theories and frameworks to guide researchers’ dissemination strategies, it is difficult for researchers to know where to start or how to select the most appropriate resource for their research.

Work Package 5 of CHARMER is unifying existing models for dissemination to create a user-friendly dissemination framework. We are also creating a case study document detailing how we have used this framework throughout CHARMER. Once complete, we will make this document available for anyone to use in future research projects to inform and guide the dissemination process to achieve greater research impact.

This work package is being led by Katherine Murphy, a PPI co-applicant on the CHARMER research programme. PPI members Sujata Walkerley and Jennie Griffiths are also key contributors of the dissemination working group, advising on the development and refinement of the dissemination framework and CHARMER’s dissemination activities.

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Work Package Team

If you have any questions about Work Package 5, please contact Bethany Atkins.

Debi Bhattacharya
Professor of Behavioural Medicine, University of Leicester / CHARMER Co-Chief Investigator
Sion Scott
Lecturer in Behavioural Medicine, University of Leicester
Bethany Atkins
Research Associate, University of Leicester
Katherine Murphy
Patient and Public Involvement & Media Relations Lead
Sujata Walkerley
Public and Patient Involvement
Jennie Griffiths

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