Definitive trial (1 February 2024 – Summer 2025)

In Work Package 4 we are undertaking the definitive trial of the CHARMER intervention to establish whether it is safe, effective and good value for money. The CHARMER intervention is intended to empower hospital doctors and pharmacists to identify and stop unnecessary or inappropriate medications in those aged 65 or over before they cause harm.

The largest hospital trial of its kind internationally, CHARMER will involve around 100 hospital doctors and pharmacists across 24 NHS hospitals, aiming to enhance the care of 20,000 older inpatients.

Read our press release here.

Patient and public involvement in this stage of the research will involve collaborating with the work package team to design patient participant materials. Our PPI team members will also contribute to the analysis of qualitative data to provide transparency and validation of interpretations.

jjjjPublic and Patient Involvement

Work Package Team

David Alldred
Professor of Medicines Use and Safety, University of Leeds
David Wright
Professor of Health Services Research, University of Leicester / CHARMER Co-Chief Investigator
Debi Bhattacharya
Professor of Behavioural Medicine, University of Leicester / CHARMER Co-Chief Investigator
Amber Hammond
Clinical Trial Manager, Norwich Clinical Trials Unit, University of East Anglia
Jackie Martin-Kerry
Research Fellow in Qualitative Process Evaluation, University of Leicester / CHARMER Programme Manager
Allan Clark
Senior Lecturer in Medical Statistics, University of East Anglia
Lindsey Tashlin
Trial Assistant, Norwich Clinical Trials Unit, University of East Anglia
Bethany Atkins
Research Associate, University of Leicester
Charlotte Jones
Research Assistant, University of Leicester
David Turner
Senior Research Fellow in Health Economics, University of East Anglia
Katherine Murphy
Patient and Public Involvement & Media Relations Lead
Janet Gray
Patient and Public Involvement
David Taylor
Public and Patient Involvement

Collaborating Organisations