Feasibility testing intervention and trial procedures and use the arising data to undertake pre-trial modelling of the intervention and refine trial procedures (July 2021 – August 2022)

In this work package we will test, on a small-scale, the CHARMER intervention developed in Work Package 2. It will also determine the appropriateness of the methods for conducting the research, including the outcome measures selected in Work Package 1. Any consultant geriatrician and specialist medical pharmacist working across Older People’s Medicine wards will be eligible to receive the CHARMER intervention.

An induction pack will be created and disseminated to all participating acute hospital sites and will identify any difficulties. We will ensure all queries and problems are addressed and solved prior to the commencement of the trial.

At the end of the trial, we will give participating pharmacists and geriatricians a questionnaire asking for feedback on the CHARMER intervention and their experience of being in the trial.

We will use the information collected from Work Package 3 to refine our procedures the definitive trial in Work Package 4.

Patient and public involvement members will collaborate with the work package team to design patient participant materials. They will also be involved in the analysis of qualitative data to provide transparency and validation of interpretations.

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Work Package Team

Debi Bhattacharya


Sion Scott


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