Huge thanks to all involved from the following hospital sites:

  • Cambridge University Hospitals (Addenbrookes) NHS Foundation Trust
  • The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Kings Lynn NHS Foundation Trust
  • University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust


Developing the intervention package through co-design workshops with target audience and local implementation stakeholders (September 2020 – June 2021)

The key role of the CHARMER intervention is to change the behaviour of geriatricians and pharmacists in hospital when it is appropriate to do so. As a result of the CHARMER team’s previous research, six Behaviour Change Techniques (BCTs) have been identified to target geriatricians’ and pharmacists’ barriers and enablers to deprescribing in hospital. You can read about this research here.

In Work Package 2, we developed the final CHARMER intervention package by working with key stakeholders to co-design each of the six BCTs in terms of their content, mode and frequency of delivery.

We used a co-design approach with stakeholders from three NHS hospitals to develop the CHARMER intervention. Stakeholders included geriatricians, pharmacists, patient and public representatives and other hospital staff who are likely to be involved in implementation of the intervention.

Patient and public involvement members were involved in all stages of Work Package 2’s development, from research design to data collection through to data analysis. PPI team members contributed to the design of the co-design workshops in terms of structure and content, attended and supported the facilitation of all workshops and helped analyse the workshop findings. Attendance at the workshops meant that PPI team members also took part in the selection and design of the BCTs alongside other stakeholders.

jjjjPublic and Patient Involvement

Work Package Team

If you have any questions about Work Package 2, please contact Bethany Atkins.

Bethany Atkins
Research Associate, University of Leicester
Debi Bhattacharya
Professor of Behavioural Medicine, University of Leicester / CHARMER Co-Chief Investigator
Sion Scott
Lecturer in Behavioural Medicine, University of Leicester / CHARMER Programme Manager
Jo Taylor
Lecturer in Applied Health Research, University of York
Ian Kellar
Associate Professor of Health Psychology, University of Leeds
Victoria Keevil
Consultant Geriatrician / Frailty Researcher, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Katherine Murphy
Patient and Public Involvement & Media Relations Lead
Sujata Walkerley
Patient and Public Involvement

Collaborating Organisations