The Aural Apothecary Podcast – a light-hearted take on the world of medicines, pharmacy and healthcare in the UK from Jamie, Gimmo and Steve the Chemist.

Professor Debi Bhattacharya took part in a recent podcast with the Aural Apothecary team. They spoke about Debi’s development of a behaviour change toolkit designed to reduce opioid prescribing and her involvement in a programme of research designed to implement this toolkit at a systems level.

Other chat highlights include:

  • the challenges of implementing change at a systems level and the importance of behaviour change in clinicians as well as patients
  • Intentional non-adherence and the impact of this, as well as the importance of understanding why a patient might not take their medicines.

Debi also shares a ‘Meaningful Medicine’, a career anthem and book that has influenced her career.

Listen to the podcast episode here.

The Roger That Show

Dr Sion Scott joined Bobbi and Mike Carlucci of the Rodger That Show to chat deprescribing and CHARMER. The Rodger That Show is a podcast led by skilled caregivers Bobbi and Mike Carducci. Weekly, they host thought leaders who bring their expertise in the complexities of eldercare, medical/financial planning and long-term caregiving to the show.

Sion, Bobbi and Mike discuss the risks and benefits of deprescribing medicines that older people with dementia may no longer need. Bobbi and Mike also share stories and personal experiences of deprescribing and Sion talks about his research, CHARMER and his experiences of deprescribing medicines as a hospital pharmacist.

Listen to the podcast episode here.