Key Outputs

May 2023: Team members Victoria Keevil and Sion Scott discussed CHARMER progress and the importance of equity relevant trials at the 2023 BGS Spring Meeting Programme in Edinburgh.

April 2023: The team travelled to University of Bradford to present our Work Package 1 (Core Outcome Set) and Work Package 2 (intervention co-design) findings at the 29th Health Services Research and Pharmacy Practice Conference.

CHARMER Chief Investigator Debi Bhattacharya spoke to Medical Update Online (‘In Discussion With’) about deprescribing interventions and why a good understanding of the barriers and enablers to effective deprescribing is needed.

March 2023: We published our research article detailing the development of the CHARMER intervention in Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy. You can read a (plain language) summary of the findings here. We also published our article describing how to develop and test complex behaviour change interventions to support proactive deprescribing in Basic & Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology.

November 2022: We published our Core Outcome Set for deprescribing trials in Age and Ageing. You can also read a (plain language) summary of the findings here. This includes the key things to measure when undertaking any deprescribing initiative.

October 2022: CHARMER Chief Investigator Debi Bhattacharya gave a talk at the Westminster Health Forum on how we can harness behavioural science to tackle overprescribing in the NHS. You can read a summary of the key messages from the talk here.

September 2022: The team flew to Denmark to present our Work Package 1 (Core Outcome Set), Work Package 2 (intervention co-design) and Work Package 3 (feasibility study design) findings at the 1st International Conference on Deprescribing.

July 2022: CHARMER Chief Investigator Debi Bhattacharya appeared on the Aural Apothecary podcast to talk about developing a behaviour change toolkit designed to reduce opioid prescribing.

CHARMER Highlights Newsletter

March 2023

In this second annual newsletter, we share our key outputs and highlights from the past year, including:

  • Co-designing the CHARMER intervention with hospital staff, patients and family members
  • Developing the definitive trial using learning from the feasibility study
  • Developing a dissemination framework aimed at health researchers, funders and health professionals

Read the newsletter here.

CHARMER Highlights Newsletter

March 2022

In this first annual update, we share the background to CHARMER and our aims over the next few years. We also include highlights from our first 18 months, including:

  • Developing a hospital deprescribing ‘Core Outcome Set’ (COS), which is a list of things that people think are important to measure in a hospital deprescribing trial
  • Establishing a Primary Care Advisory Group to better understand the effects of proactive deprescribing in primary care

Read the newsletter here.

Good for you, good for us, good for everybody: a plan to reduce overprescribing to make patient care better and safer, support the NHS, and reduce carbon emissions

September 2021

A national overprescribing review acknowledges that “Overprescribing is a complex issue, involving systems and culture as well as individuals, and tackling it needs a system-wide response, with clinicians and patients both receiving more support to ensure the NHS is getting prescribing right.”

Read the full report here.