CHARMER is a five-year (2020-2025) England-wide research project
We are developing and testing an approach to support geriatricians and pharmacists working with older people and family members in hospital to stop medicines before they cause harm (proactive deprescribing).

Our Aim
We want the CHARMER approach that we are developing to benefit older people who come into hospital. For example by preventing hospital readmissions or improving quality of life. Over the next few years, it is our mission to:
1. Optimise the CHARMER approach so that it can be effectively implemented in hospitals across England
2. Test the approach in a hospital deprescribing trial to see whether it benefits older people and offers good value for money for the NHS
3. Share our learning with key stakeholders and formulate a strategy for getting our approach used in all hospitals if we find it is effective and good value for money for the NHS.


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